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"The difference between you and all the other tutors we used is that you really cared about how well the girls did on the test.  It made a big impact with the girls knowing that it mattered to you.  You are the best at this and we feel so grateful."

- Linda B.

"We can’t tell you how excited Hazel is tonight—or how grateful we are for all the help you gave her. Thank you so much. You really are a wonder."

- Steve S.

"You're the only tutor so far that has been able to outwit her and not give in to her BS tactics.  She told me that she's not sure how to handle you yet.  She said that you won't let her get away with stuff.  Other tutors she will just give the wrong answer until they tell her the correct answer.  You make her do the work and she said, 'I don't know what I'm going to do!'  


I love it!!!  And she likes you a lot!  She would be putting up a MAJOR fight if she didn't like you.  And she's going with it.  You should be complimented.  Keep doing what you're doing."

.Alison F - 

"Sean came into my room beaming and read me what you wrote him.  I showed my Dad.  He said, "This is beautiful.  This is the way to motivate a person - with encouragement and love.  Jim really gets how to tutor this kid."

Kathy Z.

"Thought you'd like this text from my daughter: 'My ACT tutor is the best!!  Thank you so much!!  He is super supportive and makes me believe that I can actually do well!!!  He also makes me stress way less about college.'  Thank you!!!!!"

Allison B.

"Out of all the SAT tutors that I had over a 2-year period (all from various Ivy League schools), Jim was undoubtedly the best at explaining difficult concepts in the simplest terms. He was also the most patient and encouraging. Jim consistently went above and beyond to ensure that my questions get resolved. I am extremely grateful and fortunate to have had Jim as my tutor. I would highly recommend Jim!"

- Grace G.

"I really can't say enough about our daughter's experience working with Jim.  He is a rare tutor who really cares about his students.  He is always so intuitive about what is working or not working for the student and caters his lessons to their needs.  Jim keeps trying every approach until he finds the one that works for them.  He is truly rare and our daughter is so fortunate to have worked with him."

- Deanne J.